Choose a biological station based on the learning objectives or goals of your trip

biological station Costa Rica.jpg

The Jaguars Jungle is the most remote biological station in Costa Rica. The station is part of a 130 acre primary rainforest reserve that borders the Corcovado National Park and overlooks the Cano Island Marine Reserve. This station is boat access only, making it the perfect place to combine marine and terrestrial biology. The main conservation program here is the Jaguar monitoring project. Students can participate by setting up camera traps and collecting and cataloging video data captured in the private reserve.


  • buffet style meals

  • boat access only

  • 130 acre private primary rainforest reserve

  • private trails and beaches

  • Jaguar Conservation Project

  • easy access to the Corcovado National Park

  • onsite biologists

  • open air classroom space

biological station costa rica.jpg