Traveling with Students to the Osa Peninsula

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Step 1

Send us your group's trip goals & details

Step 2

Choose the activities that fit your program

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Send us your budget and dates

Step 4

We plan an epic trip to the Osa that fits your objectives and budget!

Why do you need us?​

● We have access to the most exclusive area of the Osa Peninsula right next to the Corcovado National Park!

  • Safety! We only use the most experienced boat captains in the area and have emergency systems put in place in the case of any incident. Our coordinators and tour guides are certified wilderness EMTs and many staff are CPR certified. We have not had to address injuries with any group, but we are well prepared in any case. 

● Tours on the Osa take a lot of time to prepare logistics and can be very expensive without the right contacts

● The language barrier can be difficult in navigating local transportation and travel plans as many people on the Osa cannot speak English... or read

● We save your time preparing logistics

● We have access to local hidden gems that travel books don't write about

  • We lead unique workshops and tours found no where else

● We have designed community service projects that truly correspond to community needs

● We can ensure safe travel routes and reliable accommodation

● We have longstanding relationships with community members and community-based organizations (since the 1970's)

Tell us, what are your goals?

What are you hoping to provide for your students? Community service opportunities? Amazing activities? Education in conservation and wildlife management? Language lessons? A combination?

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Important Questions & Answers:

● What makes our organization unique?

The coordinators at Osa Expeditions are Osa Peninsula experts who have worked with groups ranging from high school age to adults 40 to 50 years of age.

We provide specialized trips for groups who would rather make the most out of their trip by discovering the incredible wildlife and community our area has to offer without spending a lot of time traveling between destinations. We have owned and preserved the 130 acre property and biological station since 1972, and therefore have strong relationships with the community. We can provide opportunities in service learning trips as well as educational trips with workshops and class time all in one location. Many student travel organizations overextend by jamming more into their itinerary than is realistic. Even though Costa Rica is a small country, the terrain and traffic make travel times much longer than one would imagine by looking at a map.  Our expeditions cut travel time and travel costs  because our location has so much to offer, there's no need to hop around. 

● What is included in a package?

Packages can be customized to a groups exact specifications. With every package we make sure that meals are provided according to any specified dietary specifications and accommodations are comfortable. Transportation to and from Sierpe is included in packages. Travel to and from the SJO airport is not included, but we would be happy to arrange it.

● Do we organize service projects?

Yes, our most popular service projects are beach cleanups and participation in our wildlife monitoring program

● Do we organize accommodations and flights for the group?

Accommodations are included with each package, national flights can be arranged within Costa Rica (San Jose-Drake Bay). International flights must be booked by the group leader or individuals.

● What are the biggest challenges and successes of hosting students?

Our biggest challenge is our extreme remoteness. Despite being boat access only, we have still developed an efficient way to receive food and supplies. We run on solar electricity and practice sustainable waste management. We are successful in making a lasting impression on our students and love educating by hands on learning.

● What are you (the group contact) responsible for?

Organizing a group of 8 or more students

Collecting deposits

Booking international flights

Making sure students read our information package that we send upon receiving deposits


● How far ahead should you prepare for the trip? 

At least 3 months in advance, further if your dates are in January, February, March, July, or August as those months fill up at least 6 months in advance.

● How many students can we accommodate?

Up to 55


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